Contrarily to popular belief, Colombia is a growing touristic destination, an inexhaustible source of places and things to discover, a paradise for authentic and unforgettable holidays.    



Overall the country is very welcoming and easy to discover, providing a great diversity of landscapes and activities, as well as quality services (hotels, guides, transport). However, it can be difficult to really get to know the coffee region on your own. You’ll probably miss the isolated coffee "fincas", or fail to find the starting point of the various treks in the Los Nevados National Park.

Cocora Aventuras offers a trip that maximizes your time in the Coffee Region, assuring you escapism and astonishment throughout your stay.




Our tours and expeditions are available to groups of all ages, including children, with an adapted degree of difficulty. Some activities (water sports, climbing ...) require special physical aptitude or adaptability (due to climate, altitude, road conditions ...).

For example, the "Family Adventure around the coffee" tour will emphasize discovery and cultural aspects. While other tours will be more physical and more adventurous

In any case, all our tours are customizable to meet your needs and desires.

Also, note that all our tours are exclusive, meaning that you won’t be joining another group. You choose the dates and the city in the coffee region where you want to start the adventure. We build your trip according to what you decide





Please note that we are also able to book your domestic flights from any city in Colombia, at a better price than from outside the country.