Depending on the level of the activity (easy, intermediate, expert), a minimum sport level is required. For altitude activities, exercise on a regular basis is preferable to prevent altitude sickness.

To avoid any risk, we ask you to fill out a health questionnaire and, according to the answers, a medical certificate stating you are able to practice these activities in altitude may be requested. In addition to the questionnaire, we ask you to fill out a form to collect basic health information (blood type, allergies, treatments ...).

For our stays including altitude activities, we will send you a questionnaire to know your abilities and potential medical history. These tours are strongly not recommended for people suffering from :

  • vascular insufficiency
  • chronic respiratory insufficiency
  • epilepsy
  • diseases requiring repeated injections (e.g. insulin-dependent diabetes)
  • unstabilized heart disease
  • certain blood diseases

It is also contraindicated for people who have undergone brain surgery, or for people who have suffered during a previous stay in altitude, cerebral or pulmonary edema.