Colombia can be visited all year round thanks to its tropical and isothermal climate. We can note differences between five main natural regions due to altitude, temperature, humidity, winds and rainfall but each region has a constant average temperature. We advise you to come during the dry season, which is basically Colombia's "summer" from December to March

Warning / key facts: the climate in the Coffee region is pleasant and warm, but wet. Armenia receives an average of over 2 meters of rainfall every year. The average daytime temperature is 22ºC. At night, temperatures can be cooler with an average of 11-13ºC.


  • With only 0.7% of the Earth surface, Colombia is home to 10% of the word's biodiversity : over 1800 of identified bird species (n°1 in the world), hosts the largest population of orchids, and many other endemic species (amphibians, butterflies, reptiles, etc). So there’s plenty of wildlife to see in the jungle: boots on! 
  • Be careful when crossing the street, cars do not stop for pedestrians.
  • Whatever the region visited, the sun can hit very hard in Colombia due to its proximity to the equator. If you do not want to suffer from it, get some sun cream, sunglasses and a sun hat.
  • Abundant vegetation and a hot humid climate is the preferred environment for mosquitoes. In the jungle and especially when you stay in the heart of the coffee region, do not skimp on the repellent spray and we advise you to wear long sleeved light clothes.
  • Tap water is rarely drinkable outside major cities. In general, prefer bottled water (available in all our hotels or haciendas obviously) or alcohol ! The national drink is the "aguardiente" made from sugar cane. Colombia has also very good rums and some interesting beers (the BBC from Bogota or the 3 Cordilleras from Medellin).
  • Colombian coffee is delicious and varied, it is obviously essential to try it, and especially in the Coffee Cultural Landscape (get to know more here "zoom on the Eje Cafetero").