Cocora Aventuras is above all a team of adventure enthusiasts. We are all driven by a strong passion for exploring Colombia and a true appreciation of its culture. Through our activities and tours, we aim at showing Colombia’s limitless potential for multi-sport adventures and guide you through the most unveiled spots of this irresistible country!

We've decided to specialize our tours and excursions in the Coffee Region because of its unlimited natural and cultural richness. You will discover this incredible region from as many perspectives as possible: you will visit a typical coffee « finca » (farm) and learn everything about the production. You'll hit the coffee plantation slopes riding a mountain bike, or even land in the middle of coffee fields after several meters rappelling.

We have one all-inclusive offer: logistics, professional guide, sporty activities. And a customized offer where we satisfy our clients’ specific demands. Always with the same unique objective which is to show the true face of the Colombian backcountry. We operate exclusively with small groups to guarantee each customer's satisfaction. At Cocora Aventuras, we rely on our tight relationships with the local population to deliver a high quality experience with an insider's perspective.

To this end, we also propose a meticulous selection of the most beautiful and (a)typical accommodations in the Coffee Region. 

If you share our vision of travel, come and join the Cocora Aventuras Adventurers' Club!


Born and raised in France, Arnaud has studied 6 months in North Carolina, US and is now graduated from a business school in Paris. He also worked in Chile in the tourism industry. His travels took him to visit many countries in South America, taking part in ski expeditions in Argentina or through the famous Torres del Paine trekking in Chile, but his favorite remains Colombia !

Adrien or Adrián, depending the country where he lives, is half French, half Colombian. His interest in adventure started since his early childhood. Born in France, he lived in Cali, Colombia until he was 5. Then, he went to school in Rabat, Morocco until he was 15. It’s in 2011 in Paris that he met Arnaud in the same Business School. This passion for exploration is part of his DNA and led him all around the world. 


We have selected the best skilled guides and knowledgeable professionals(accomodations, transport, etc.) to create our activities and our tours. To provide you with the most authentic experience possible and ensure the reliability of our guides, we work most of the time with local guides who's native tongue is of course Spanish. This Spanish practice lesson is completly free and included in the price of the service ! To be an adventurer or not to be, that is the question. For safety reasons, we ask that our guides master basic English for an easier communication regarding security rules.

Our guides have all recieved extensive wilderness medical training and are linked with outside services at all times, ready to provide imediate assistance if necessary.