Sport and coffee culture


This is one of our classic tours to understand the diversity of the coffee region while enjoying our sport activities in an amazing environment!

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You can choose to start this tour via Arménia, Pereira and Manizales, three cities that form the "coffee triangle". It is here, on the Andean highlands of western Colombia, where grows nearly 10 % of the global coffee supply at altitudes ranging from 800 to 1800 meters.

Our kind driver will pick you up where you want, bus station, airport, hotel and will then take the road to finally arrive in a typical Colombian coffee hacienda, where the view is spectacular. In the afternoon, visit the coffee "finca" and discover the culture of Colombian coffee with the owner, Ivanov, a former veterinarian in the United States, who decided to return to his home region and manage the family coffee hacienda. The visit  can be done in both  English or Spanish.

On site you will have the opportunity to walk among the coffee plans, to be initiated to various processes like harvesting and roasting, before enjoying the drink produced on site. You will feel completely at home in this "finca" completely authentic and live like a local for a day and a night.



After a day and a night at the hacienda Tio Conejo, you will now be acclimated to the altitude (about 2000 meters). In the morning you will be taken to a 4000 meters point, in the Nevados park, about one hour drive in jeep with your driver and Andres, your guide!

For five hours, you will descend the Nevados Park on two wheels, passing through the area of ​​the "Páramo" a catchment of water from the surrounding mountains and characterized by a relatively low vegetation with numerous small streams.

Then the vegetation will thicken gradually as the temperature rises and you end your journey through the valleys of the coffee region. You then come back to 2000 meters ,in Manizales, via a cable car in the city and then by bike back ah the hotel. Free afternoon to enjoy a well deserved rest, explore the city on foot or go swimming in the natural hot pools close to Manizales.



Early morning departure for two days in the heart of Los Nevados National Park. You will reach the shelter (4000m) by vehicle, before continuing by foot along the paths that lead to the famous Lake Otún, biggest of Parque Nevados.
Overnight in bivouak.

The path continues along the Rio Otún, with an impressive descent through a cloud forest that reaches another important reserve: the Fauna and Flora Sancturay of Otún Quimbaya, an impressive biodiversity place, gathering many birds including the hummingbird but also mammals such as black howler monkey. During the hike, enjoy the rich ecosystem, discover colorful lagoons, lunar valleys, typical vegetation (paramo) and eternal snow.
Transfer to your hotel in Manizales.

Voilà. Now you're happy ! ;)

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Sport and coffee culture